Main Functions and Responsibilities of Government Offices Administration of Shaanxi Province

  1. To be responsible for management and services of affairs of provincial government institutions. To implement the policies concerning the affairs of central government institutions. To stipulate and implement policies, plans and regulations of provincial government institutions.

  2. To draft up and supervise the implementation of policies and regulations concerning logistical system of provincial government institutions, and direct the work of logistics service supplier.

  3. To manage real estate of provincial government institutions’, stipulating and implement pertinent regulations and rules; to be responsible for examining and approving construction projects, setting quota and supervising of administrative office building; to be responsible for planning, proprietorship registration and usage allocation of administrative office building a construction. To stipulate construction plan of administrative office building construction; to manage plan of basic construction, investment and property right; to arrange housing repair funds and examine and approve maintain projects; to be responsible for proprietorship registration and usage allocation. To be responsible for management of land used by provincial government institutions and their affiliated institutions.

  4. To take charge of housing system reform of provincial government institutions and their affiliated institutions in Xi’an; to work out and implement housing system reform programs, regulations concerning housing security, housing-selling, housing allowance for workers and staff members, establishment for individual housing archives and management. To be responsible for examining and approving reconstruction projects of dangerous and old housing of provincial government institutions. To direct construction and estate management of residential areas collectively inhabited by staff of provincial government. To manage housing funds and housing accumulation fund.

  5. To direct, coordinate, push on and supervise resources conservation in provincial government public institutions. To work out and implement energy conservation managing program and related system. To be responsible for resources conservation in provincial government institutions, working out and carrying out together with other pertinent institutions plans and regulations; to gather statistics, monitor and evaluate energy consumption.

  6. To organize working out and implementing regulations and programs concerning safe keeping, emergency prevention, and air defense by people in administrative area of provincial government institutions’. To direct and coordinate comprehensive measures to maintain law and order. To direct some other social affairs of provincial government, such as family planning, patriotic health, etc.

  7. To direct and launch provincial government institutions’ logistics officials position training and workers technique training.

  8. To be responsible for management and service of water, electricity, heating, environmental sanitation, afforest, food & beverage, reception, communication, traffic secure, vehicle management, provincial governmental kindergarten and medical care of Xincheng dayuan.

  9. To work out and implement regulations concerning services and living area management for provincial government leaders, responsible for affairs management and service security. To undertake personal cares and services for retired leaders in 4 veteran activity centre of provincial government institutions.

  10. To undertake other assignments designated by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Congress, and the Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference.


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